FAMA College

FAMA College (FAMA)

Fama College is a private provider of Higher Education, established by decision dated 12.05.2003 No.03/0503 is licensed by decision No. 153/08-1 of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and accredited by Kosovo Agency for Accreditation. It started its activity from 2003/04 academic year as a university providing study programmes on social sciences, commencing with two faculties of Bachelor degree:
Faculty of Economics with these programs: Banking, Finance and Accounting, Management and Informatics,
Faculty of Political Sciences in these programs: Public Administration and Diplomacy.
Faculty of Law commenced with its studies at academic year 2004/2005, hereby increasing the number of degrees in 5 (five). Six (6) degrees are offered in 2006 by commencement of Criminal Sciences program in Faculty of Law and establishment of the Faculty of Psychology in 2007 as the seventh programme. Initial Master studies were offered in the academic year 2006/07, with three units (campuses) in the same year as the Bachelor studies in Gjilane, Prizren and Mitrovica.
These developments were reviewed until the academic year 2009/10 where we are accredited for the first time by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency. College Fama, is currently accredited in Prishtina as well as in following campuses: Gjilan, Prizren and Mitrovica. The college is offering the following programmes at BA and MA level. BA programmes are: Political Sciences and Public Administration; Psychology; Law; Criminalistics; Banking, Finances and Accounting; Management; English Language and Literature; Child Care and Welfare. While at the MA level there are the following programmes: International Relations and Diplomacy; Public Administration; Civil Law, Penal Law; Studies on Security Sciences; Banking, Finances and Accounting; Management; Psychology.
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Avdi Smajljaj
Avdi Smajljaj
Project Coordinator
Comparative Politics & Political Theory
Lecturer of Political Sciences, Democracy, Political Parties, European Integration. He has completed Doctoral studies in Political Sciences at University of Duisburg- Essen, in Germany, in 2011, while his Master Degree on European Studies at University of Hamburg in Germany, while holding BsC in Political Sciences. He is a full time lecturer at the program of political sciences, at Fama College. Actually is teaching courses: Political parties and party system, politics and institutions in the EU, European studies at the Bachelor level, and policy analysis and program evaluation at Master level. He has teaching experience of more than 9 years inside and outside the country. He has participated in various scientific conferences and has published a book and other scientific articles. His research interest is focused on democratization, policy making, and European integration.


Bekim Marmullaku

Bekim Marmullaku
Quality Manager
Methodology and Project Management

Head of Quality Assurance Office in Fama College. Lecturer in Economic Faculty and Executive Director of research institute at Fama College. Studied in Electrotechnical Faculty in Prishtina. BSc. In Management Business and Economics, MSc. in Engineering Management and MBA in Vienna University of Technology and PhD candidate. Participation in Tempus project for LO&HEI. Presentation in University of Politeknika Bukarest for “Defining Learning Outcomes for programs and courses in HEI”. Presentation in University College Cork and University of Salzburg – “Research Guided Teaching in HEI”. Publication and papers in relevant fields in country and abroad. Participation in many scientific conferences.


Shpetim Desku





Frasher Demaj

Frashër Demaj
European Integration
Rector of the Fama College. He has a Doctoral degree from the University of Tirana, Albania, on the field of history of diplomacy, and Master from University of Prishtina, in Kosovo. He lecturer courses of diplomacy and international relations at Master level in Fama College. He has published a number of monographers related to the field of study, number of scientific papers and articles as well. He has participated in a number of scientific conferences at international level. He is author and co-author of history textbooks used in the schools also. Moreover, he was also the chair of research at the institute of history in Kosovo. Currently is teaching research methods, history of diplomacy and international relations.


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Fadil Zendeli
Public Policy and Administration
Lecturer of public administration, models of governing, public management. He has finished Doctoral studies on public administration, at the University of Tetovo in 2004. He has published a number of paper related to public administration, has taken part in considerable number of scientific conferences, inside and outside the country. He is currently full time lecturer at Fama College, teaching at the Master level, courses: public control and auditing, models of governing, etc. He has also experience on various research projects.

Dredhëza Lamaj

Dredhëza Lamaj
Student of Political Sciences and Public Admnsitration